"Frank Ryan is a true patriot in every sense, both as a retired Colonel who served actively in Desert Storm and Iraq in 2003, and as an active and ardent supporter of his community and country."

Kenneth L. Urish, CPA
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Citizen, Soldier, Small Businessman, Volunteer

The Founders did not design the US Congress to be inhabited by career politicians more interested in their reelection than the public welfare.

Frank Ryan is exactly the sort of person the Founders envisioned serving in the House of Representatives when they wrote the Constitution of the United States.


Frank Ryan has lived the American Dream. Even though he lost his father at the age of three and was raised in very modest circumstances by a single, widowed mother and older siblings, Frank Ryan was able to do what many other Americans have done. He used the advantages of the American system, the strength of a loving family, his intellect and hard work to accomplish a great deal.

Frank Ryan worked full time at night to pay for college, and graduated first in his class, summa cum laud, with a BS degree in economics. He completed a 24 month MBA graduate program in finance in 10 months with similar academic results, and he became a Pennsylvania Certified Public Accountant the first time he took the test.

He rounded out his academic credentials by teaching economics at the college level.

Citizen Frank Ryan's academic and intellectual competency prepares him for public service in the United States Congress


Upon graduation from Mt. Saint Mary’s College, rather than launching what surely would have been a lucrative professional career, Frank Ryan continued to serve his country in the United States Marine Corps.

In 33 years of initial active duty and service with reserve components and later on specialized active duty, Frank Ryan was awarded a Bronze Star, three Legions of Merit and the Defense Meritorious Service Medal.

Frank Ryan has served in countries of the former Eastern bloc, Haiti, Afghanistan and Iraq. In 2001 he was called to serve at Central Command on the staff of General Tommy Franks as Special Operations Officer for Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, a wildly successful operation.

In the first military action following 9/11, General Franks could have had anyone he wanted on his staff. He wanted Frank Ryan. Colonel Ryan answered the call and served with distinction.

Frank Ryan's personal background, professional activities and service were subjected to the closest scrutiny to clear him for this assignment. He was approved for sensitive duty at the highest level of American security.

Frank Ryan's leadership competency prepares him for public service in the United States Congress

Small Businessman

Following graduate school, Frank Ryan began his professional career in the corporate world, rising to corporate officer of several publicly traded corporations. He has served on the boards of directors of eight companies.

For nearly twenty years, Frank Ryan has been president of the small business he founded – F. X. Ryan & Associates, a Lebanon County, Pennsylvania-based management consulting firm specializing in turnarounds, workouts, crisis management, strategic planning, and working capital management. He has extensive experience in business process redesign.

In other words, Frank Ryan has made a successful business of helping companies restructure to avoid bankruptcy. This expertise is sorely needed in Washington today.

Frank Ryan’s business competency prepares him for public service in the United States Congress


Frank Ryan has always been committed to helping others. Having come from modest beginnings, he knows well the challenges families and individuals face. Many Americans are generous with money for charitable causes. Frank Ryan is generous with his time as well.

Since 1990, Frank Ryan has been a member of the board of directors of the Good Shepherd Center in Baltimore, a hospital and school for abused teenaged girls, most recently as president of their board.

Ryan has been a member and officer of the board of directors of a large inner city hospital since 1991. St. Agnes Hospital, also in Baltimore, has been able to expand their provision of charitable services as a result of the work Frank Ryan has done for their Foundation.

As a result of his volunteer work, Frank Ryan has a practical understanding of the American health care delivery system. More importantly, he knows how to improve it.

Frank Ryan's volunteer work prepares him for public service in the United States Congress

Miscellaneous Affiliations:

Knight of Malta, SMOM
Board of Trustees, Institute of World Politics
Honorary Member, The Society of The Cincinnati
Life Member, Reserve Officers Association
Civil Affairs Association - Life Member
Honorary Member, U. S. Army Civil Affairs Corps




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